Organization culture


Paula A. Marshall

Chief Executive Officer

Bama Companies Inc.


Bama’s culture is based on three core values:

– People

– Quality

– Constant development


“Bama has come a long way, but we have always been directed by one timeless rule: consequence and perseverance in our approach to quality. No matter how much we develop, this part of Bama’s history will never change.” – Paula Marshall, CEO


The key to understanding the philosophy of Bama is the understanding of values and ideals which inspire its activities and organisational culture based on these values.


“Although we produce pastries, our history has been created by people, ordinary people, who became extraordinary because they led our way to success.” – Paul Marshall, CEO of The Bama Companies, 1937-1984


We believe that our people are our greatest asset. Our mission: People Helping People be Successful, is more than a simple slogan – it is the key factor in our organisational culture, our way of thinking and our success. Thank to it we promote an atmosphere in which every member of the team is appreciated and valued. It is our aim to provide every member of our team with the attention which is necessary for their personal development , as well as with resources, tools and support.


We conduct our business through helping people around us: not only our employees but also clients, suppliers and local community.


We believe that quality is the key to success. We never compromise when it comes to the quality and safety of our products. We are proud of them and we feel obliged to constantly improve them. This constant development allows us to improve the quality and the effectiveness of production processes.