Work with us

It is our ambition to employ people willing to develop along with our, still new in Europe, organisation, ready to build Bama’s brand in Europe with passion and engagement.


People for whom our mission, “PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE BE SUCCESSFUL”, is more than just a slogan.


Taking decisions on employing our staff we consider several aspects. The basic criteria are knowledge and skills but we equally appreciate their appropriate personality and motivation.


All our employees, irrespective of their previous experience, have the chance to familiarise themselves with and to learn together with us about the specifics of working in an area of production. The high standards required in the production of groceries oblige a company such as ours out of necessity to constantly improve processes and develop our employees’ qualifications.


For this purpose we organise for our employees regular training on Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Hygienic Practice (GHP) , 5S, Crisis Management.


With reference to the expansion of our business on European markets, we also want our employees to have a chance to develop. Due to this, in addition to training, we also offer them the possibility of taking part in internal recruitment and, thanks to this, of gaining experience in various departments of the organisation.